Tracking the Lions on Game Drives


When the first rays of sun rose at Queen Elizabeth, we were already up and having breakfast on the open air restaurant deck of Kasenyi Safari Camp. I’m certainly not a fan of rising before the sun, but if you want to have the best game drive possible, that’s what you have to do. I also admit that the sunrise over the surrounding savanna was a very beautiful sight, not to mention the great shots we got from it. Sometimes it does pay off to rise against the sun.

Our guide, Godwin, arrived to pick us up at 7 am and we headed into the park. We had got some nice tips about lions residing just nearby our safari camp and decided to go check them out. First off, though, we headed into the opposite direction to see what this park would have in store for us.

We did drive for a quite significant amount of time before seeing some animals; kobs, buffaloes, warthogs and other more common residents of these plains. I have to admit that we were a bit surprised to see so few animals, but Queen Elizabeth National Park is not so packed with wildlife like for example the parks of Tanzania.

We were already back near Kasenyi when we encountered one of the few jeeps on the whole game drive, and the driver told us about some lions nearby. Without wasting any time we rushed to the scene and were rewarded with a small pack of lionesses with a couple of cubs, hanging out in the middle of the long grass.

It’s great to have the opportunity to observe these creatures at a close range, even though you don’t always get good photo opportunities. This pack got bored to us quite quickly and headed back into the shadows of the nearby bushes. One lion was also hiding in the nearby cactus tree – it was the first lion we’ve ever seen in a tree! These lions made our day and soon after we headed back to our safari camp for a lunch.


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