Lake katwe

lake-katwe-queen-elizabethThis unusual lake is far too salty to support any wildlife – though since the 16th Century it has ensured the survival of the Katwe villagers, who spend their days under the equatorial sun, harvesting salt from its milky waters.

Unique networks of paths and huts have been built across the lake to support hundreds of workers, as selling the rock and table salt to traders from across Uganda, and as far as Congo and Rwanda, is the main source of income for the community.

This tour gives visitors a unique insight into the fascinating yet tough process of salt mining, as well as providing an alternative income for Katwe. During the tour of the lake you will see community members at work, cross the mud walkways and enter one of the traditional grass huts, used to shelter and store tools. You will also pass the nearby bird sanctuary lake, home to thousands of birds, including flamingos from October to May.


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